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Mulberries Class

Ages 3 years old - 4 years old
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Watercolor Brush 3

Preschool children are in the process of becoming confident learners

They recognize their own name and other letters in print, show a genuine interest in reading books with an adult, and recall events from previous activities. We take their confidence to the next level with hands-on education. Your 3-to-4-year old child is ready for structured learning activities that touch on early literacy, math, science, social studies, and early writing skills. Our program balances these subjects with opportunities for independent exploration and a healthy dose of physical activities including daily Yoga poses.

Our Mulberries are introduced to themed units that encourage curiosity and increase confidence. We teach patterning and sorting by shape, size and color, simple experiments, singing, dancing, creative expression and small motor activities such as lacing and tracing.


The Learning Tree plans whole-group experiences to boost your child’s social skills. We facilitate group obstacle courses and participation in dramatic play, role playing and creative arts with other children to broaden their social circle. We give equal time to nurturing, playing and learning. We help children have fun and learn by planting and gardening, bike riding, drawing, cutting and developing other fine motor activities.

We will show you evidence that your preschooler is developing because of the activities we offer. Watch as your child engages in science activities which help them make predictions while creating a natural curiosity for cause and effect. Games such as throwing basketballs in hoops and using tweezers to pick-up small objects help to boost hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles necessary to hold a pencil correctly. 

View your Mulberry on our closed circuit camera system anytime during the day to catch them in the act of learning.

Recommended programs for Mulberries:

Drawing Face

Emotion Explorers

Guiding students through different emotions and coping mechanisms every Thursday.

Kids Racing

Kidz Play

Working on hand-eye coordination and getting in some physical activity every Wednesday.

Drawing & Coloring


Learning Spanish and honing in language skills every Tuesday.

Music Class

Melody Makers

Jamming out and creating music every Monday.

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