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Sprouts Class

Ages 18 months - 2 years old
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Toddlers are explorers on the road to learning.

Let us guide your child through experiences that will engage, excite and enrich them on a daily basis.

In a safe and nurturing environment, your little Sprout will find his or her voice, make new friends and develop confidence in new found abilities. We help to build brain power through creative games and colorful stories while helping your child acclimate to a more routine or structured setting.

View your toddler on our closed circuit camera system anytime during the day to catch them in the act of learning. We will share your joy as we tell you about their new experiences and exciting accomplishments through our daily notes and verbal communication.


The Learning Tree offers age-appropriate toys and materials that help your toddler develop a love of learning. We teach toddlers through exposure to colors and shapes, introduction to letters and numbers, understanding opposites, building with blocks, basic puzzles and more. We encourage early friendships to boost your child’s social skills. We help toddlers work alongside other children on art projects, learn to deal with conflict and solve problems individually and in a group.

At The Learning Tree, we give equal time to nurturing, playing and learning. We balance fun and learning through discovery and hands on activities. We keep our Sprouts active through singing, dancing and mimicking, sand and water play, and playtime with cause-and-effect toys. Throughout the year, we show you evidence that your child is developing through the activities we offer. We teach standards-based curriculum that has been shown to help toddlers learn age-appropriate lessons to help them succeed. A mid-year and end-year evaluation is provided for you to see your child’s progress throughout the year as well as help us develop individualized curriculum to better serve your child.

Recommended programs for Sprouts:

(Must be at least 2 years old)

Drawing Face

Emotion Explorers

Guiding students through different emotions and coping mechanisms every Thursday.

Kids Painting

Color Crew

Honing in on artistic skill and creativity every Friday.

Music Class

Melody Makers

Jamming out and creating music every Monday.

Kids Gardening

Friendly Farmers

Cultivating the land and taking care of our Earth every Wednesday.

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