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Maples Class

Ages 2 years old - 3 years old
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Watercolor Brush 3

Let us help your 2-year-old develop his or her independence and confidence in a setting that encourages a sense of community while at the same time, helping your young child adapt to routines and rituals.

We plan your child’s activities based on a program grounded in early childhood fundamentals. Your young learner will increase his or her language ability, practice early counting skills and learn to cooperate with friends through group activities. They will take on greater physical challenges and begin to communicate more effectively with adults.

We evaluate your child’s progress and can help challenge their learning when they are ready. We monitor everything from running, climbing and jumping to circle time and storytelling for signs of preschool readiness. At The Learning Tree, we encourage group learning environments to boost your child’s social skills. We help early preschoolers learn to deal with conflict and forge stronger relationships with peers.


Children in early preschool spend their days and time
exploring, sharing and learning.

The Learning Tree offers age-appropriate activities and materials that focus on academic, emotional, social and physical skills. We give equal time to nurturing, playing and learning. We teach basic introduction to size and weight as well as dramatic play, block-building and creative arts with other children for a complete education. We also form early writing techniques through small motor activities that help to develop the pincer grasp. The Learning Tree shows you evidence that your early preschooler is developing because of the activities we offer. We explain how beginning to cut and paste goes beyond art and helps enhance fine motor development. 

View your Maple on our closed circuit camera system anytime during the day to catch them in the act of learning. We are happy to share the highlights of your child’s day with you and make you feel like you’re there even when you can’t be. We want to be your partner in raising your child the right way – your way.

Recommended programs for Maples:

Drawing Face

Emotion Explorers

Guiding students through different emotions and coping mechanisms every Thursday.

Kids Painting

Color Crew

Honing in on artistic skill and creativity every Friday.

Music Class

Melody Makers

Jamming out and creating music every Monday.

Kids Gardening

Friendly Farmers

Cultivating the land and taking care of our Earth every Wednesday.

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